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A pool and Three Islands told a story of the secl

Scenic spots arrangement construction by a number of factors, such as houses, rocks, pools, trees, the book of stone, flooring, and other pieces of, is a theme of the service. Garden of the main building is often a symbol of a variety of material, and sometimes euphemism, sometimes obscure, and sometimes "Wang Gu about his" to express the thoughts and feelings, rich connotation, thought-provoking. Don't check the deep meaning behind, it is easy to cause misunderstanding, even and exact.

A pool and Three  Islands

A pool and Three  Islands practice has a long history, can be traced back to the Qin and Han dynasties. Right charm makes the king the fear of death, hope ever-young, sat on his throne forever. Qin Shi Huang listening to the East China Sea has three Kamiyama, legend of the elixir of life, asking the immortal eager, repeatedly sent even to visit the East China Sea in search of Oz, to lead Weishui pool, pool stacked three island, a symbol of the East China Sea Penglai, Yingzhou, the abbot three Kamiyama. During the reign of Emperor Wudi, continue to build Shanglinyuan, expanded to more than and 200 and built around the palace, Museum of view, dozens of. Taiye pool area, Ban Gu of the West are Fu "described:" before the Tang Dynasty and Taiye, embrace of the sea and the soup, Yang waves in Jieshi; bowel God Yue Zhiqiang but, excessive Yingzhou and pots, Penglai play central. " From then on, "a pool of three islands" has become a classic model of Chinese gardening history. Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden, Beijing the Summer Palace and Chengde Mountain Resort have to reproduce.


The Humble Administrator's garden high-low two mountain island, a flat Island, and three seat Pavilion showed a pool of three islands, each island built a pavilion, fragrant snow and cloud Wei in the middle, cream kiosk slightly shorter East, lotus wind four pavilion was built in West Plains on the island, mountain in Huangshi hold soil superimposed, three hills with bridges and short Causeway joins, mountain scattered high and low, volume and degree, and on the other side of the pool far Xiang Tang line construction proportion very harmonious islands did not cause the space of the central force Ze. Cultural connotation of a pool of three islands arrangement source for Chinese emperors immortality of the immortal thoughts, and artistic conception of landscape of the Humble Administrator's Sonoke Shimanowenchoa, is symbol of reclusive scholar.