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The Party branch of the Humble Administrators Gard

In order to further encourage Party members and cadres to re-emancipate their minds, practice and re-innovate, and do their work more effectively, according to the requirements of the municipal gardens and greening administration, on the afternoon of September 14, the Party branch of the Zhuozheng Garden Administration Office launched an open party day with the theme of "emancipating the mind, reforming and re-starting". More than 30 members of the gardening system, including leaders of the brothers, Party building liaison officers, and all the Party members in the Party branch of Zhuozheng Garden, participated in the theme of the party day.

In this open-ended theme party day, Yang Weixian, Secretary of the Party branch of Zhuozheng Garden, gave a party lesson to the party members participating in the activity around the theme of "building a clean and honest government and building a clean and honest government". At the meeting, representatives of Party members read the famous poems on honesty, and advocated that all Party members and cadres should cultivate the noble character of "lotus", be honest for the people and be honest in politics. After that, they enjoyed 80 excellent works of the mobile phone microphotography competition. Finally, members of the Party attending the meeting visited the Zhuozheng Garden and Garden Museum on-site to appreciate the honesty and integrity of the ancients.