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The Humble Administrators Garden management office

In December 10th, the spirit of "by the garden Ming, Gao Jie family tradition" the purpose of the Humble Administrator's Garden Management Office launched a "new Suzhounese" garden tour, feel the trait inheritance activities of the United states.

As one of the four famous gardens in China, Humble Administrator's Garden has profound historical and cultural background and contains the essence of Chinese traditional culture. Based on the characteristics of Humble Administrator's Garden, invited Suzhou Industrial Park Weiting youth homes in the community more than ten households, they are under the leadership of the instructors, enjoy the garden style at the same time to understand the spiritual world of Zhuozheng Garden owners and excellent tradition. At the same time, through the form of small games, let the children to share their own family, so that they feel the Suzhou deep social tolerance and good family traditions atmosphere.

Family tradition is the cultural and spiritual heritage of the starting point, with the management office party branch "two a" study and education development, Humble Administrator's Garden has the obligation to let the essence of traditional culture has become the inexhaustible resources of the construction of civilized and harmonious society, further play its role in this respect.