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Humble Administrators Garden goes to Beijing to st

On 16-17 May, under the leadership of Zhu Bingfei Deputy investigator of the city garden and Greening Administration, the director of Zhigang, director Xue Zhijian of Humble Administrator's Garden management department, deputy director of Li Yan, deputy director of Li Yan, and deputy director of Sun Junfei, Huqiu mountain management department, went to Beijing the Summer Palace management department and the Imperial Palace museum to learn and exchange text successively. Product research and development and whole network booking booking work.

In order to meet the tourists' identification and purchase demand, the connotation of garden culture is dug and the essence of garden culture is presented to the maximum. The the Summer Palace management department has carried on the deep discussion and exchange with the famous garden culture of the characteristic products. To the the Imperial Palace Museum, the preparation, specific operation, emergency plan and emergency plan of the booking booking of the whole network are made to the the Imperial Palace Museum. The case study has been carefully studied and studied.

Next, the Humble Administrator's Garden management department will conscientiously implement the requirements of the Party committee, strictly enact a full network reservation work plan, according to the situation development and the actual situation of the work unit, timely launch the whole network booking service under the condition of mature conditions, fully provide better quality purchase experience, and focus on promoting the "wisdom scenery of Humble Administrator's Garden". The construction and development of the district.