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Humble Administrators Garden management office fix

After six months of trial operation, planning, development of tension, the Humble Administrator's Garden management office fixed assets management system through the acceptance of the end of October, fixed assets inventory is completed simultaneously, fill the Humble Administrator's Garden as a national key cultural relic protection units, in a large number of blank plaques, paintings, furniture and other furnishings antiques of the electronic archives.

Fixed assets management is a complex, fallibility of work, the management of fixed assets, how to efficiently and conveniently, improve the fixed assets management system, is the last stage of the Humble Administrator's Garden management office work center. Starting from the actual situation of the unit, combined with the experts to explore the certification, innovative thinking, study decided to take information technology to achieve the management of fixed assets. Through the departments of 4 months of hard work, the fixed asset management system in mid November to start the on-line test run.

Humble Administrator's Garden fixed asset management system to achieve a fixed asset information base, the approval process of fixed assets (asset increase, allocation, lending, maintenance, scrap, etc.), fixed assets inventory and other functions. The assets management system of fixed assets in each storage are labeled with a two-dimensional code identifies the unique identity, quick access to information assets through the scan code can. In the process of using the scan code tag, you can quickly and accurately inventory inventory and physical correspondence, greatly improve the efficiency of the work. Through the use of the asset management system, the whole process of the fixed assets in the whole process of the whole process of organic unity, to achieve the fixed assets of the fine, unified management.

For months, under the joint efforts of all parties, the Humble Administrator's Garden asset management system currently total inventory storage assets of more than 5700 pieces, involving a total of more than and 70 size categories, upload pictures of assets million, correct the error correction information of a plurality of original fixed assets, which shows high efficiency and accuracy of information technologies, improve the management department of asset management work to a new level.