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Humble Administrators Garden to commemorate the tw

In order to thoroughly implement the party's nineteen proposed "establish and practice the beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan concept of ecological civilization, in response to the national water-saving call to action, the popularity of the national water management policies and regulations, promote the status of China's water resources and water conservation knowledge, March 19th, in the support and guidance of the Bureau of the Communist Youth League, Suzhou City, Humble Administrator's Garden management at the Mission branch and the Taihu River Basin Management Bureau of Suzhou Bureau of League branch jointly launched to commemorate the twenty-sixth" World Water Day "thirty-first" China Water Week "campaign. The activities will attract the attention of tourists by carrying out the prize competition activities on the water related regulations and policies of the national water management pipe and the water conservancy knowledge of the Taihu River Basin. At the same time, volunteers propagate knowledge of water control and water saving to tourists, popularize the knowledge of Taihu basin management, and answer questions of tourist consultation, and effectively implement the national water saving action. The effective utilization and protection of water resources is an important part of the national ecological civilization construction. It aims at adhering to the policy of saving priority, protecting and restoring natural resources, and forming a spatial pattern of saving resources and protecting the environment. This public welfare activity has effectively created a good atmosphere for garden water saving and water saving. It not only enhanced the awareness of tourists' protection of water resources, but also firmly established the concept of socialist ecological civilization for workers, and made the contribution of garden owners to protect the ecological environment.