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Lecture series on "Humble Administrators Garden le

The lecture series of "Humble Administrator's Garden big lecture hall, Suzhou garden culture" has successfully held 2 sessions of 20 lectures since 2016. This is the continuation and deepening of Suzhou Garden Museum to promote social education, to spread the work of garden culture, and to provide a learning garden knowledge for the vast garden lovers, to appreciate garden customs and to taste the garden. Lin Wenhua, a new platform for understanding the artistic conception of gardens. During the period, we invited a large number of senior garden experts to teach and teach in a diversified form, and received extensive attention from all walks of life, and the repercussions were warm.

This year, the Suzhou Garden Museum was carefully planned, and in the afternoon of May 13th, the twenty-first lecture of the series of lectures on "Humble Administrator's Garden grand lecture hall and Suzhou garden culture" was held in the exhibition hall of the Suzhou Garden Museum in the afternoon of May 13th. In this great hall, the garden Bo invited the first speaker, Zhou Zheng, a master of heritage education and garden culture, to talk about the theme of "the dream of Red Mansions" and Suzhou garden, with the classic famous book "dream of Red Mansions" as the breakthrough point to lead the garden lovers to appreciate the profound cultural connotation of classical gardens. To feel the profound social influence of classical gardens. In the following lecture series, the Suzhou Garden Museum will also invite the senior garden experts in China to give lessons in succession to many fields related to Suzhou gardens, and to further demonstrate the profound cultural and artistic value of the classical gardens to the audience. A series of lectures will be held once or two times a month for half a year.

Through this event, the Suzhou Garden Museum hopes that many garden enthusiasts can face with the garden experts, in the interaction, in the dialogue, in the exchange, to better feel the poetic and poetic meaning of Chinese classical gardens.