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Humble Administrators Garden trash upgrade changed

At the beginning of the new year, a number of beautiful and practical garbage cans in Humble Administrator's Garden have been arranged in place, which brings convenience to the vast number of tourists. The replacement of the garbage bucket is another promotion of the garden facilities and facilities by the Humble Administrator's Garden administration in contrast to the 5A related standards. The dustbin is designed by Humble Administrator's Garden and is specially designed. The old funds have four: one is to improve the trash at the top of other modified slant plane, more stable, more sophisticated manufacturing process; two is trash, the barrel increases, travelers can easily throw rubbish; the three is the new trash using split design, the upper lid, the lower barrel body. And a liner, convenient cleaning personnel to clean up the garbage in the garbage can, improve work efficiency; the four is the new trash logo for eye-catching, double color plate engraving signs for replacement update. The new 140 trash cans used in the new year's day are well and well received.