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Travel route

Garden day

The highlight of the trip: landscape architecture of classical Jiangnan garden

One day at a time, in the Humble Administrator's garden, a patchwork of Jiangnan classical garden careful browse a lot of, feel the charm of Suzhou gardens.

Han Qing Ting - > look Pavilion - > with a stress - > the lotus Pavilion - > Tianquan Pavilion - > Hong kaoliang Museum - > Green Yi Ting - > stay cream kiosk - > Xuexiang cloud Wei - > lotus wind surrounded by Ting - > far Xiang Tang - > embroidered Peony Pavilion - > to Xuan - > Castrol booth - > was really Pavilion - > Yulan Hall - > Yi Liang Ting - > float Cui ge - > Li Ting - > tower shadow Pavilion

Dongyuan route

Stroke highlights: Chihiro Kishige, natural scenery

The entrance is located in the South East, the porch, front yard, Lan Xuetang, which is in the park. East area of Kuang Kuo lawn, Tu Shan West Lawn of the reactor, the wooden pavilion, surrounded by lingering water, shore willow droop, in Shi Ji, Lifeng, waterfront construction Pavilion, curved bridge. The northwest Fu soil on the planting of Pinus thunbergii Pterocarya forest, Linxi to Hong kaoliang Museum (tea). The West has a complex in the gallery wall, a window transparent, with several portal and central.

Zhui Yunfeng, Hong kaoliang Museum, Han Qing Ting, Furong - Tian Ting

Middle garden line

Highlights of the trip: the lotus and the cloister

In the central part of the essence of the whole garden, although after the change, and early Humble Administrator's garden has great changes and differences, but the landscape dominated by water, pool piled mountain, ring arrangement of the pool hall, pavilion, pavilion, Xuan, basically continuation of the pattern of the Ming Dynasty. From Xianfeng the Humble Administrator's garden ", during the reign of emperor Tongzhi the Humble Administrator's garden, and during the reign of Emperor Guangxu, the Eight Banners in straight hall map" can be seen in the landscape of the south of Begonia spring Wu, listen to Zhu Jing Yu Xuan, Ling play Museum, loquat Garden and small Feihong, small Canglang, Tingsong wind, Xiangzhou, Yulan hall courtyard landscape and present situation are indistinguishable. Thus forming the central Humble Administrator's Garden style, should be in the late Qing Dynasty to Guangxu Xian feng.

See hill house-> Wu bamboo-> tingyuxuan-> far Xiang Tong-> small Feihong