In the peak season, the ticket price of Humble Administrator's garden decreased from 90 / person time to 80 yuan / person time, while in the off season, the ticket price remained unchanged at 70 yuan / person time
Special Events Lotus Flower Festival
ZHUOZHENGYUAN - Lotus Flower Festival
/ 杜鹃花节 / 荷花节 / 反季菊花节 /
  • 名称: Lotus Flower Festival

“Lotus Flower Festival” of Humble Administrator’s Garden


The Humble Administrator’s Garden holds “Lotus Flower Festival” every summer, which is the traditional characteristic project of Suzhou gardens. Relying on the broad lotus pond in the Humble Administrator’s garden, “Lotus Flower Festival” uses hundreds of varieties of cylinder lotus, bowl lotus and many kinds of aquatic plants to show visitors the exquisite fragrance of the lotus and create an artistic conception of the summer in the south of the lower reaches of the Yangze River. During the festival, the Humble Administrator’s Garden is just as described in a poem, “Green lotus leaf cover green water, and flowers are dressed in red”. The Humble Administrator’s Garden becomes the best place for tourists to admire the lotus with the shade on the river bank and bursts of cool breezes. It has become a popular activity even a “new custom” for Suzhou citizens to enjoy the lotus flowers in the Humble Administrator’s Garden.

1. Activity Name:

Lotus Flower Festival of Suzhou Humble Administrator’s Garden

2. Activity Time:

From early June to mid-October every year

3. Activity Place:

In the Humble Administrator’s Garden

  1. Lotus Flower Festival

  2. Lotus Flower Festival

  3. Lotus Flower Festival

  4. Lotus Flower Festival

  5. Lotus Flower Festival

  6. Lotus Flower Festival

  7. Lotus Flower Festival

  8. Lotus Flower Festival

  9. Lotus Flower Festival